He has a Plan

I grew up in Carrefour, Haiti, a metropolis about 15 miles south of the Port-au-Prince airport. My community is a very vibrant, friendly place. We have the vendor down the road that sells the best macaroni you can imagine, the voodoo priest next door who, despite the intimidating title, is a very kind man, there … More He has a Plan

Jesus, the refugee

My Savior himself was a Middle-Eastern refugee. Even before his first breath, he had no place to lay his head. The innkeeper wouldn’t give his pregnant mom a bed. His family had to flee from a madman name Herod, who was so insecure that he wanted Jesus, a baby, dead. He was even kicked out of Nazareth, … More Jesus, the refugee

Gade Kawolin Mesye!

I learned a lesson about relationships today. Here’s the story: Today, was my first day back in my Haitian hood…Les Cayes. I spend the majority of my summers down here. I love everything about it except for the 4 hour drive from Port-au-Prince. I have my gas station, my market, my cell phone credit guy, … More Gade Kawolin Mesye!

My Home

We got up early to drive for 2 hours to catch our flight early on Friday. Unfortunately, this flight was delayed causing Caroline and I to miss our connecting flight and worse, we had to spend the night at a hotel  (thank God we did not have children to travel with…yet) which messed up our … More My Home