It’s the Weather

it’s weird, the things that remind you.
this time it’s the weather.

this weather
and that grey sweater he used to hug us in.
it’s hanging right there in my closet.

my house is even smelling like him.
when i take a deep breath in,
my heart beats really fast,
memories flash.
like waking up late on chilly saturdays, hearing the coffee drip.
drip, drip.

i think it’s the weather.

we’d spend a lot of time with him this time of year
driving up and down the Trace through tunnels of yellow and orange,
spotting deer and keeping count until we couldn’t.
taking walks, talking talks, sitting on the couch,
just hanging out.

i don’t miss him just because of the holidays;
it’s really just this weather.

It’s cool and crisp and fresh.
people are pulling out their classic leather jackets
that kind of look like his.

yeah, it’s the weather,
that’s what it is.

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